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What do I do if the price is not the same as in the search results when I go to buy the ticket?

If this situation has been going on for less than an hour, then there’s no need to worry. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. Here’s why.
There are limited seats, and as the plane gets fuller, the ticket price increases, and tickets can be sold out quickly.
When you search for tickets, we send a request to the sellers. In turn, they send a request to centralized ticket booking systems.
Agencies and airlines don’t make requests every single time someone searches for tickets. They save and remember the latest price found for the exact same search, for example, from half an hour before, and then provide us with the details.
When you try to buy a ticket, they make a booking request, and the system can say there are no more tickets at that price (especially if the tickets are cheap, as they get sold out quickly), or that the price has increased. This happens from time to time, albeit not often.
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