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How do I select seats for my flight?

You can select a seat when purchasing your ticket or when checking in – online or at the airport. Sometimes airlines charge extra for this service. If you don’t pay for a seat, you’ll be allocated one at random, and you won’t be able to change it later.
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The following seats are considered to be the most comfortable:
  • the front row – you get more leg room;
  • the first half of the cabin – you get your food and drink quicker, you can take your seat and leave the plane quicker;
  • at emergency exits – you get more leg room;
  • window seats – you can put a pillow up against the window to get some sleep;
  • aisle seats – you don’t have to ask the passenger next to you to get up to visit the restroom.
Middle seats aren’t comfortable, but if the flight is short, they’re bearable.
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