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How do I check in for my flight online?

Online check‑in saves you time and stress in the airport.
Check‑in usually opens 24 hours and closes 40 minutes before the flight. The airline will email you a link to check in online. If you haven’t received an email from them, just go to the airline’s website, find the “Online check‑in” section, and follow the instructions.
The following details may be required at check‑in:
  • passenger’s first and last name;
  • booking code or PNR – a six-digit code, or e-ticket number – you’ll find it in your itinerary receipt (ticket) which was sent to your email address after booking;
  • the email address specified in the booking;
  • departure airport;
  • sometimes: date and time of departure, flight number.
When checking in you can select a seat. Sometimes this is free, but in recent years many airlines (especially lowcosters) have started to charge extra. If you don’t select a seat, one will be allocated to you.
After online check‑in is complete, your boarding pass will be sent to your email. You’ll need to show your boarding pass at the airport. All the info is on it. Some airlines and airports allow digital boarding passes, meaning you can save it to your phone instead of printing it out.
In some cases, you need to get a paper boarding pass at the airport. If you’re flying without baggage, you won’t have to go to the check‑in desk. Just print out your ticket at the self‑check‑in terminals. They look like ATM machines.
Sometimes online check‑in saves you not only time, but also money. For example, Ryanair charges a 50 euro fine for not checking in online or forgetting to print out the boarding pass.
Be aware that online check‑in isn’t available for all flights. You won’t be able to check in online if the passenger is an unaccompanied minor (5‑12 years old), or if you’re flying with an animal.
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