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Do the prices in the app and on the website differ?

It’s a myth that if you search from different devices, the ticket prices will be different. Or that tickets are cheaper for Android users. Or that Aviasales intentionally increases ticket prices when you search for them several times.
None of this is true. First of all, Aviasales doesn’t sell flight tickets. It’s a service which finds the best flight options, but you pay for them through agencies and airlines, so we don’t affect pricing in any way.
We show you prices passed on to us by the sellers. If the seller is the same, the price will be the same in our app and on our website.
Prices only differ when the tickets shown on the web version of Aviasales are sold by different sellers than those shown in the app. There are two reasons why this can happen:
  1. If a ticket is offered by one seller on our website and totally different sellers in our app.
  2. If you haven't selected your country in the app's regional settings.
Some sellers don’t adapt their websites for mobile devices, in which case we only show their tickets on the web version of Aviasales.
You may have the wrong country selected in your regional settings. Select Georgia as your country and GEL as your currency, so that we can find you more relevant results.
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